Rights and Responsibilities

Ground Rules for Participation

I have the right to…

  1. Expect that meetings will start and end on time.
  2. Express my ideas and be heard.
  3. Expect what I share will stay in the room.
  4. To speak without interruption.
  5. Receive information from others.
  6. Know at least the first names of meeting participants.
  7. Decline to answer personal questions.
  8. Attend meetings in an environment free from alcohol, drugs, or weapons.
  9. Enjoy alcohol responsibly during social events.

I have the responsibility to…

  1. Give others adequate opportunity to speak.
  2. Give thoughtful consideration to the ideas of others.
  3. Not repeat details of the meeting without the consent of the persons involved.
  4. Respect the privacy of members and not out them as members of the group online or in public spaces.
  5. Listen, be open-minded, and judge the words and thoughts, not the person speaking.
  6. Respect the opinions of others.
  7. Agree to disagree when opinions differ.
  8. Foster a civilized level of interaction.
  9. Correct inconsistent or inaccurate information.
  10. Notify others in the group if alcohol, drugs, or weapons are present at a meeting.
  11. Abide by all applicable local, state, and federal laws while at TransIndy meetings and social events.
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